TASTE IN - MEDITERRANEAN FOOD (homemade style & authentic)
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 Pita Wraps (All Meats are Halal)
Add $2.75 with any of your choices; French fries, Dips, Stews and Salads from deli case.

                                     Shawarma Wrap    (Lamb, Chicken  or  Beef)
Thin sliced meat wrapped in pita with homemade garlic sauce, pickles cabbage and potatoes.       


                                   Lamb Kebab    (A Tender juicy marinated lamb cubes)
Marinated fresh lamb cubes with grilled tomatoes, onions and peppers. Wrapped in pita bread with homemade garlic sauce and cabbage.


                                Chicken Kebab     (Shish Tawuok)
Marinated grilled chicken tenders grilled with tomatoes, onions and peppers wrapped in pita bread with homemade garlic sauce and cabbage.

                                 Lamb Kefta Kebab  (ground lamb and veggies)             
Grilled kefta kabob wrapped in pita bread with grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers and homemade garlic sauce.


                             Lamb or Chicken Gyros
Wrapped w/ yogurt cucumber dip,cabbage, tomato cucumber salad and onions.

                         Vegetarian Falafel    (Grilled falafel available upon request)
Falafel (ground chick peas and vegetables) wrapped in pita bread with hummus, tomato and cucumber salad, and tahini sauce.
Add hard boiled eggs $1.00



                                        Vegetarian Eggplant
               In crispy pita, Quesadilla style with feta cheese, and avocado

                            Hummus Dip OR Babaghanouj Dip
Homemade hummus wrapped in pita bread with tomato cucumber salad, fresh parsley and tahini sauce.

(Quesadilla style with ground lamb meat, onions and peppers)
                                    served with 1 falafel and hummus dip

                                             Hamburger (fresh ground beef)  
              With lettuce, tomatoes and onions.Served with french fries.
                                                Add cheese for $1.00

                                           Lamb Burger with melted feta cheese
                            Served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and french fries.
                                          Grilled Salmon  Wrap
(with grilled veggies, hummus, cabbage and tahini sauce)


                Extra additional Sides Appetizers (served with pita bread)

Hummus with Shawarma  $12.99                                               Fresh Red Beets Salad        $6.99
your choice of: (Lamb, Chicken or beef)                                      red beets, garlic, salt, lemon & olive oil

Mahamara Dip                     $8.99                                              Fresh Couscous  Tabouly       $7.99
red peppers, walnuts & spices                                          couscous, tomatoes, cucumbers & parsley

Cauliflower Stew                 $7.99                                              Fresh Mejedara Stew               $6.99
with garbanzo beans, garlic & onions                                            a mixer of green lentil and rice

Shawarma with Scrambled Eggs (your choice of  ( Lamb, Chicken or Beef)                                     Served with 1 falafel, hummus dip.                                                                                           $11.99                                                                                                        
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